The section of land beside the site of the Wayusa School lies within a critical ecological corridor and is an 80-hectare tract of thickly forested slopes and crystalline rivers, including sacred waterfalls. Flavio’s grandfather and his ancestors would drink plant medicines in these powerful sites in order to give them strength on their long journeys to intertribal gatherings. It also holds the headwaters of the Puyo and Pindo rivers: water sources for hundreds of indigenous communities downstream and provides sanctuary for the spectacled bear, jaguar, and harpy eagle, as well as innumerable plant medicines.

The family needs partners to contribute to saving this piece of land from absolute destruction.

The price to buy back this land has risen and continues to rise hastily. It was recently $60,000 to purchase, and just in one month, it has risen dramatically to just over $100,000. Outside of the Santi family, those interested in acquiring this land are primarily the oil company from the oil Block 28, but also a tourist agency from the capital in Quito. He who pays a 30% down payment first will be the owner of the 80 hectares. Before this price rises yet again, it is urgent that Flavio place the down payment of  $35,000 before December, 2017 in order to protect their sacred forest site. What is at stake is not only monetary loss, but loss of plant and aquatic life, grave contamination, and essentially, human genocide. These communities have battled historic oppression to retain their ancestral territories, customs and knowledge. They are standing up for a simple cultural right to exist. Their success will constitute a profound act of service to our rapidly homogenizing global society. Lack of financial energy is their biggest barrier, and this is one area in which those of us in more privileged nations can help, and we can connect.

Please help us assist in their victory in the reclamation and preservation of their ancestral homelands and support their work here:  Wayusa School Donation Page

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