Ecuador’s largest province of Pastaza is renowned for its immeasurable biodiversity in plants and people, and such indigenous populations as the Kichwa, Shuar, Achuar, Waorani, Andua, Shiwiar, and Sapara communities dwell here. Just outside of the region’s capital of Puyo, adjacent to the community of Rio Chico (where Flavio’s grandfather Virgilio Santi once lived) lies Wayusa Runa, the current home base for the Wayusa School. Until the land purchases are complete and structures are built at the actual site near the main water source, we have begun construction for a house to receive visitors, friends, family, and volunteers for healings, teachings, and to continue the advancement of various projects.

There is already medicine growing such as Wayusa, Chiri Wayusa, a lot of tobacco, and aromatics.

Food such as plantains, taro root, papaya, pineapple, cassava root, sugar cane, jungle potatoes, and hot peppers are growing in great quantity as well.

Paths are being cleared and expanded, and jungle debris have been cleaned out of the small river Palanda Yaku (meaning ‘river where plantains are abundant’) which runs through the property and is being used for bathing and handwashing clothes.

Jungle bathing waters

Flavio and his family are inviting friends to come and visit (preferably in small groups to maximize time and space), and to come experience the Amazon’s stunning landscapes, traditional foods, visionary and purifying medicines, and endless wisdom. This invitation is not for tourism though; rather, it is to host a meeting in the forest between cultures:

“At the Wayusa School there will be an ancestral exchange of culture and healing to strengthen our communities with seeds of consciousness where spiritual balance grows. We want to create leaders who will work with spirit in the world, youth who are no longer separated from their home.”

Biodiversity abounds at Wayusa Runa

One’s spirit transforms the moment they enter the forest and absorb its aromatic and healing essences. Everyone who visits the Wayusa School has the opportunity to become a spokesperson to the rest of the world for what we are co-creating at the Wayusa School.

“Here we possess the profound hereditary secrets that our ancestors left us. This biological wealth still lives, it still exists. We are rich because we have medicinal abundance in the jungle which gives endless life to humanity.”

drinking at water source
Flavio drinking from Wayusa Runa’s water source

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