At Wayusa School’s home base Wayusa Runa we are growing tobacco to share teachings and wisdom with the global community. We cultivate it here so that others may experience, enjoy, and experiment with its endless and profound teachings.

We prepared more space to nurture the abundance of tobacco plants that had sprouted from the fallen seeds of mature plants while the family was visiting North America in late 2017. Flavio, Beatriz, their son Jamby, Beatriz’s brother Carlos who lives onsite, and two Wayusa School volunteers, Kester Reid and Andrea Davis, all pitched in.

It is thriving here in the jungle gardens, and it looks so beautiful amidst a landscape of peach palm, plantain, lemon, pineapple, wayusa, and endless medicines and aromatics. Once the plants are big enough, we will begin to dry, ferment, and roll the leaves into dense logs to use for spiritual purifying and strengthening. But for now, we will simply enjoy the process of having her near and watching her grow.

We plant tobacco to give thanks, to make offerings to the Sacred, to communicate with ancestors, and because we yearn to keep her close to us, to our families and to our homes. We admire the beautiful way she grows, and we notice that as our awareness amplifies, the plants prosper as well. They become taller, develop larger, more succulent leaves, and when Abuela/o Tobacco blooms her flowers sing.

Profoundly connected to the beams of the sun, tobacco offers us energy, tranquility, visions, and delivers us messages from the Ancients. She assists and invites us to consume her leaves medicinally, lovingly guiding us as we fearlessly step into our most authentic power.

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