Ayuy Yu Clan History

Kester Reid is working with the family to produce a history of the Ayuy Yu clan, and the Puyuruna territory. The story tells the life of Flavio Santi, and his grandfather, the revered warrior and yachak, Virgilio Santi. The origin stories of the clan are woven into this telling, to demonstrate the profound guidance contained in the lives of the ancestors – lives that are continuing, just as Creation continues. These lives, and lessons are accessible through Dream. The Origins of Creation happened both long ago, and continue to happen in the mythic dimension, from which we can draw insight, and strength.

The history of the region of Puyo has not been documented from the indigenous peoples’ perspective – the original inhabitants, stewards and defenders of this rich territory. The book will tell their experience of sumak kawsay, sumak allpa – Life and Land Without Want; it will tell of the arrival of the mascha pupu foreigners, and the subsequent, aggressive colonial development that arrived during Flavio’s lifetime.

The story tells of the adaptive mastery of the Puyuruna peoples as foreign impacts arrive in their territory, and as they continue the journeys of their ancestors into muscuna, Dream, and ricsina, Knowledge, in order to survive, and uphold the ancestral responsibilities. It tells of the strategies of the Ayuy Yu clan of medicine people, journeying far in Dream and Time to recover their sacred places, defend their spirit-teachers, and protect their ancestral teachings.

Kester has worked on other environmental and cultural projects in the Ecuadorian and Peruvian Amazon, and became an ally and student of the Santi family in 2014. The bulk of the research for the book was undertaken over March-May 2014, involving early morning wayusa sessions with Flavio and other family members, documenting the oral history in over 60 hours of recordings.

Since then Kester has been working on the project remotely from Canada, communicating regularly with Flavio, and assisting him with North American visits.