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Virgilio Santi

Grandfather of Shuar lineage, and a descendent of the Ayuy Yu clan, or ‘people of the palm’. He was Flavio Santi’s grandfather, a powerful Yachak/healer and herbalist, guardian of the jungle and activist, wisdom-keeper and storyteller. Virgilio possessed tremendous healing abilities, and traveled all over the Amazon region learning about medicinal plants and healing secrets. He is said to have lived to be well-over 100 years old, and that when he died he transformed into a black jaguar.

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Lucila Vargas

Devoted grandmother, mother of 14 children, midwife, expert herbalist, and healer. She is of Achuar and Kichwa lineage, and she learned from her mother how to identify and use medicinal plants for healing, to use hand wisdom, and to deliver babies. Lucila upholds deep knowledge in their community and will not hesitate to assist anyone in need of help.

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Flavio Santi

Skilled Kichwa/Shuar healer, father, intrepid activist, guardian of the jungle, artist and vivid storyteller from Pastaza, Ecuador. Flavio learned many healing secrets from his grandfather Virgilio, and he was a sponge for learning his family’s mythology from an early age. He has dedicated his life to protecting his family’s ancestral territory, to traveling far to share his message from the Amazon, healing those in need, and to teaching interested students. As an inspired teacher, he holds the great vision of protecting his family’s ancestral territories so that the Wayusa School can be constructed. He dreams of the school being not only a place of teaching indigenous youth, but as a center and a playground for knowledge to be exchanged and passed on by cultures from around the world.

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Beatriz Caiza

Dedicated mother, beaded jewelry and ceramics artist, and wife of Flavio Santi. Beatriz comes from a lineage of healers, and she upholds Kichwa mythology and wisdom with her devotion to colorful, intricate art designs.