Leaves_of_Ilex_guayusaWayusa (ilex guayusa) is an emblematic dreaming tea of the Kichwa people and revered by many communities in the Amazon, and often it is prepared over a fire and consumed before sunrise to connect with their ancestors. Yachaks, or wise elders, have discovered that this medicinal plant can help them achieve clarity to interpret their dreams in order to protect their community and sacred homelands.

Primarily utilized for spiritual awareness in the dream state and for protection while traversing the jungle and/or adverse energies, wayusa possesses a plethora of physically and spiritually healing properties. It acts as a mild diuretic, and it cleanses the urinary tract, prostate, and blood, as well as improves digestion and elimination.

Wayusa tea assists in alleviating illnesses such as gastritis and balancing the body’s pH and blood sugar levels, and it is used to attune women’s menstruation. The leaves are also abundant in antioxidants and phytonutrients, they carry many amino acids, and are rich in trace minerals.

Wayusa is a species of caffeinated holly tree (also contains theobromine), and it possesses energizing effects which aid in concentration and fortitude, especially for carrying out daily jungle activities such as hunting and fishing. This medicinal tree is an ally to many medicine people in the Amazonian regions of Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru, and it is believed to increase fertility and libido, thus ensuring the continuation and vitality of their culture. By drinking wayusa tea one can support the survival of Amazonian culture, the safeguarding of their ancestral territories, as well as partake in the wisdom of this rejuvenating, rainforest medicine.