Mythological T~shirts Campaigns:

Each t-shirt design present symbols and representations of the fundamental stories and teachings of the Ayuy Yu clan. The proceeds from this campaign will be used to further the development of the Wayusa School by means of publishing a series of trilingual children’s books of these powerful mythologies. The transcribed stories will serve as a dynamic, educational tool for local children, and it is our hope that these teachings will also reach a global audience of all ages. In addition, the funds will go toward preserving key sacred sites in the Ecuadorian Amazon, by means of buying back ancestral lands and preserving them for the sake of cultural guardianship and exchange, and the survival of many species and wisdom for many generations to come.

The Journey of Grandfather Turtle

The first design from an entire line of enchanting mythological t-shirts currently being produced, this illustration represents ‘The Journey of Grandfather Turtle’, a wise and kind-hearted elder whose ancient experiences illuminate the Ayuy Yu ancestral teachings and are at the forefront of education at the Wayusa School.

Men’s and women’s styles available in all sizes and many colors and all are $25 USD

Origins of Medicine

The second design in the mythological t-shirt line from the Wayusa School, the ‘Origins of Medicine’ illustration depicts the immortal wisdom of Grandparent Turtle, Anaconda, and Mushroom.

Men’s and women’s styles available in all sizes and many colors and all are $25 USD

More designs are currently being produced so please stay tuned!