Sumak Kawsay, Sumak Allpa, buen vivir, una tierra sin mal.

‘Living a good life in pure harmony with nature without harm’. This means honoring the rainforest and living in reciprocity with all forms of life to ensure the balance and continuation of thriving lands and communities for many future generations.

What lies at the heart of the vision of the Wayusa School is protecting sacred lands and cultural heritage in the pursuit of teaching youth to become the next wisdom-keepers and leaders within their family. The concurrent objective is to give an opportunity to the children to combine theoretical knowledge with spiritual practice in botany, medicine, spiritual regression, and other secrets of the water, elements, rocks, anacondas, aquatic life, birds, and many other animals.

Their aspiration is that with practical content, and uniting work with spirit, they can facilitate a greater social integration in the educational platforms for transformations in human consciousness. Ultimately, their dream is to discover the best destiny for the relationship between all human beings and the astounding living world around us.

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