Tobacco, Macaw, Flute 1

With much honor and confidence, all of the information on this website has been shared with our current team of volunteers, and with many friends from around the world, by Flavio Santi, his wife Beatriz Caiza, and elders Rafael Santi and Lucila Vargas with the intention of delivering their messages and wisdom to a global audience. Over the course of many years, the family has had the blessing of making countless alliances who have supported them in their endeavor to rescue their ancestral territories and strengthen the vision of the Wayusa School in order to safeguard their culture for many generations to come.
Here they would like to wholeheartedly thank the following people for their unforgettable solidarity:

Olivia Boyce
Jake Bowman
Brynja Bowman
Olivia Abel
Natalia Villalobos
Jennifer Drejes
Justin Wilson
Lizbeth Rymland
Shalaco Sching
Jay Kravitz
Sheri Engler
Carol Givens
Rebecca Moore- Google
Rosemarie McKeon- Indigenous Mapping Network
Tropical Rainforest Coalition
Andrea Davis
Ricardo Segovia
Andrea Vasquez
Beau Dick
Manuel Piña- University of British Columbia
Laura Cisneros
Kester Reid
Mungo Reid-Dalglish
Reid Family, UK – donation in name of Grandfather Peter Reid for Wayusa School site purchase, 2015
Jonathan Reid and Rebekah Lwin
Gaye Hanson
April Liu- Museum of Anthropology @ UBC
Lori and Steve Snyder
Artu Manuel
Kanahus Manuel
Omar Chavez
Homero Lopez
Gissell Dow
Joni Cooke
Marianna Gardias
Aija Steele
Helen and Greg Loshny