Lucila Vargas, Flavio’s mother, has birthed 14 children of her own, and she has guided countless other women through successful pregnancy and birth. Learning from the potent lineage of her mother, over the course of her life she has matured into a wise woman, an expert herbalist, midwife, and healer. The rainforest is Lucila’s apothecary, and she regularly navigates through thick jungle vegetation, always knowing exactly what plant ally she is looking for when she seeks to harvest medicine. Many women prefer to visit her home in Amazanga rather than go to the hospital, and she is a well sought-after midwife in the Amazon. Lucila is known not only for her wisdom, but she holds a uniquely benevolent spirit, and she is in service at all hours of the day. She is a kind and caring grandmother who brings strength and understanding to all her patients. As a midwife, she has passed down some of her knowledge to her daughters, who have also assisted each other during the birth of their many children.