Stories are the seeds offered from the wise trees of the Ancient Ones, and they offer the opportunity to connect with the divine. They are the embryo of knowledge that escorts offspring, the ancestral milk that nourishes and fortifies. The Santis maintain a strong connection to their lineage by means of sharing oral traditions in the morning before sunrise, and honoring their grandparents by remaining loyal guardians of the rainforest.

Many of their myths and legends stem from their profound relationship with nature; namely, how they evolved with the animal, plant, and fungi kingdoms. Flavio’s grandfather Virgilio Santi, is believed to have lived well beyond 100 years old, and as a traveler and a healer, he achieved much wisdom in his years on Earth. He shared this wisdom with his son Rafael and grandson Flavio, who to this day are enthusiastic and generous storytellers.

Embraced in a humid cradle of jungle, these wisdom-keepers drink sacred plant medicines and recount stories of transforming from human to animal, traveling to other realms beneath lagoons and beyond the stars, of learning how to gain elemental power such as lightning or the ability to fly. They illustrate the importance of awareness in our dream state, and the qualities of resilience, respecting Mother Nature, honoring deep traditions, and using the abilities we achieve for the benefit of all beings.